Table Capture

Copies HTML tables to the clipboard or creates a Google Doc from them. Table Capture gives you the ability to easily copy HTML tables to the clipboard for use in a spreadsheet, whether using Microsoft Excel, Open Office or Google Docs. Features: + Copies tables to the clipboard with the necessary column & row separators (tab and newline respectively) + Batch table operations: Copy multiple tables to the clipboard simultaneaously. + Easily creates a Google Doc from an HTML table + Highlights and scrolls to tables in the page on mouse-over + Refreshes for tables dynamically loaded after the page loads + Detachable display menu for occluded tables: inline actions appear when you mouse-over the target table Support & Testing: + E-mail me for support. See developer information below. + Before requesting support for issues you're having, please test the extension on the tables provided here: Credit: + This was inspired by Dafizilla Table2Clipboard, a great extension for Firefox. + HTTPS support courtesy of Johannes Weiser

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