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This version implements a major feature, which was asked by many users ever since I started: grouped links are now available. Each link now can be part of a group or not, that's up to you. Once the group property of a link is updated, the link will show up in a submenu under the group's name. The "Search everywhere!" feature is both available at a root or at a group level. It feels simple to configure, hope you think the same. I need to improve the group field, so it auto-completes values with existing groups names... Also, sorting groups might be necessary, though you can achieve that with sorting the links. It's not quite finished, but it's getting there. Change log: - New groups feature - Ability to turn "Search everywhere!" off - New UI for featured search engines and credits page - Having multiple search engines with same name is now possible again - Localization updates Still pending: - respect incognito options in "Search everywhere!" - hide "Search everywhere!" if group contains only one link - improve group UI - add filter option for featured search engines. Maybe group them (it's a lot of search engines)

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