Gorgias Templates

Write emails faster! Increase your productivity with templates and keyboard shortcuts on Gmail, Inbox by Gmail and Outlook. Gorgias enables you to save time writing emails by creating your own snippets and templates. Try it now and start writing your emails faster! ★ Keyboard shortcut completion You’re always ending your emails with “Please find the document attached to this email.”? With keyboard completion, you can type att+TAB and get the same result! ★ Create your own templates You find yourself writing repetitive pieces of text in your emails? Make it a template! Gorgias enables you to create your own templates and shortcuts. So if you write the same content over and over, you now can use a shortcut for it and answer an email within seconds. ★ Template variables Most of your emails start with “Hello firstname”? Fine, Gorgias handles it as well, just hit h+TAB and get you’ll get “Hello Jennifer” (if you’re writing to Jennifer, of course ; ) ) ★ Share templates with your team (premium) Communication is collaborative by definition. Gorgias enables you to share templates with your team so when the template changes, everyone is still on the same page. ★ Autocomplete dialog You don’t want to remember your shortcuts? Search and insert templates right inside the Compose box. ➤ Specifically targeted at: Sales, Customer Support, HR ➤ Currently supported * Gmail * Outlook.com * Yahoo Mail * Fastmail * Facebook * Linkedin * Uservoice Find out more at: https://gorgias.io/ Your feedback is welcome at support@gorgias.io

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