In-recruiting Social Clipper

Import candidates into your In-recruiting account with a single click with the Social Clipper With the In-recruiting Social Clipper you can import candidates information to your In-recruiting account. The In-recruiting Social Clipper is a free Chrome extension that allows you to quickly import any candidate from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter directly to your In-recruiting account. After a simple installation, the In-recruiting icon will appear active in your address bar anytime you are on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. To import a candidate: 1. Log-in to LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter with your credentials 2. Go to the candidate profile page 3. Click the In-recruiting icon in your address bar and login to your In-recruiting account 4. The In-recruiting Social Clipper will first check to see if a candidate already exists in your database, avoiding duplication 5. Verify the information parsed by the Social Clipper and displayed in the pop-up window. The fields displayed can be modified 6. Click “Send to In-recruiting”: the information will be imported into In-recruiting and you will find them in Candidates > Social Clipper

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