Do anything in a spreadsheet. Connect Google Sheets to 100s of webapps and services to automate more of your work. Blockspring makes it simple to connect Google Sheets to hundreds of webapps and data services. Founders, digital marketers, sales teams, and recruiters use Blockspring to automate reporting, sales operations, sourcing, and much more. No matter your technical background, this add-on gives you the power of engineering and data science - and all you need are your spreadsheet skills. Blockspring features you won't want to miss. Instantly get data: - Pull data from apps like Twitter, scrape websites with, get government info using Socrata, financial info using Quandl, all without leaving Google Sheets. Automate spreadsheet reporting: - Great for marketers and ecommerce. Choose a data service like AdWords or FB Ads, select an update schedule, and watch your Google Sheets automatically stay up-to-date. Machine learning, simplified: - Extract concepts from text, run world-class image recognition... take advantage of the world's most powerful algorithms without programming. Add custom functions to Google Sheets using R, Python, Ruby, PHP, and JS: - Are you a developer? Skip the restrictions of Google Scripts and extend Google Sheets with custom functions using your favorite language. These functions don't just work with Google, they automatically work with Excel too! To learn more, visit:

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